Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Crucible Act 2 Discussion Thread

Today we are going to have a discussion thread based on Act 2 of The Crucible. I want you to respond to the comments and questions of your classmates (you must have at least 4 constructive comments, using textual support, and I always want you to end with a question-interpretative or critical.
I do not want one word responses; I expect formal writing and intelligent thought showing your discerning observations, analysis, and interpretation. Please keep in mind the ideological statements and central questions as a means of helping you to analyze further. I would like to see some abstract thought as well.

To start: (each person should answer this question)

How far reaching has this epidemic become? Everyone should start here with comments and then take the thread where it will go.  (Again, make sure you are using specific textual support)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Purifying the Puritans

Please read ALL of the following directions:
Based on your experiences with the readings and information you consumed on the Puritans, what commentary or critique can you give that shows how Puritan culture is reflected in the modern world? (Hence, where do you see Puritanical thinking/values/beliefs/ or language in our modern world?) 
I expect a solid response which shows depth in support and explanation synthesizing these ideas.  Be original, be thoughtful, be real.
When you are done with your response, please ask another critical question (just ask it under your response) that extends the topic AND as a part of your grade, you need to respond to at least 2-3 other people and their thinking.  Make sure you are being constructive and CHALLENGE one another.