Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Last Blog: And One Fine Morning

For your last blog post, I would like you to consider one idea:  What makes this book endure?
(Other aspects to ponder: How does Fitzgerald's novel speak to you in a real level?  Why is this considered one of the, if not the, greatest novels of all time?  What truths does he reveal?  What is Fitzgerald saying about x?  You can mention aspects within the text, but I want more of your focus to stem from the real world significance and application.  Be original.  Think for yourself. DO NOT plagiarize.)

So, before you start please read all the directions below:

I want you to ask 5 critical level questions (real world, extension questions) that really provoked your own inquiry.  Then, I would like you to answer my prompt above in a thorough and reflective paragraph with solid organization of a central idea.  You may use first person pronouns (no second please) and your writing must adhere to thoughtful convention use.
You must then comment on one other person's critical question (you do not have to write this in your own text box, but rather make a comment on someone else's post.)  I expect your answer, to their question, to be thoughtful and thorough.

Here are some examples of my own critical level questions:

1. What do we use to keep us going?
2.  To what extent do we build things up in our minds and then reality doesn't meet our expectations?
3.  Can one's background limit them in life?  Or how does a person's background affect their vision of a dream? Or do our environments shape the people we become?
4.  Is love the greatest entity worth living for?
5.  How do we put on appearances?  Why?  What are we covering? Not revealing?  What are we scared of?
6.  Why is wealth seen as the ultimate way of life?  Why have we put such a heavy weight on material things?
7.  Will the past always be viewed as  simpler, better time?
8.  Do you think most people feel stuck?  Trapped?  Are most people happy, sad?  Disillusioned?  Disappointed?
9. Is what we see ever true?  Do we ever really know somebody?
10. If it is true that we are on borrowed time and moving toward the inevitable, then how should we live?