Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Last Blog: And One Fine Morning

For your last blog post, I would like you to consider one idea:  What makes this book endure?
(Other aspects to ponder: How does Fitzgerald's novel speak to you in a real level?  Why is this considered one of the, if not the, greatest novels of all time?  What truths does he reveal?  What is Fitzgerald saying about x?  You can mention aspects within the text, but I want more of your focus to stem from the real world significance and application.  Be original.  Think for yourself. DO NOT plagiarize.)

So, before you start please read all the directions below:

I want you to ask 5 critical level questions (real world, extension questions) that really provoked your own inquiry.  Then, I would like you to answer my prompt above in a thorough and reflective paragraph with solid organization of a central idea.  You may use first person pronouns (no second please) and your writing must adhere to thoughtful convention use.
You must then comment on one other person's critical question (you do not have to write this in your own text box, but rather make a comment on someone else's post.)  I expect your answer, to their question, to be thoughtful and thorough.

Here are some examples of my own critical level questions:

1. What do we use to keep us going?
2.  To what extent do we build things up in our minds and then reality doesn't meet our expectations?
3.  Can one's background limit them in life?  Or how does a person's background affect their vision of a dream? Or do our environments shape the people we become?
4.  Is love the greatest entity worth living for?
5.  How do we put on appearances?  Why?  What are we covering? Not revealing?  What are we scared of?
6.  Why is wealth seen as the ultimate way of life?  Why have we put such a heavy weight on material things?
7.  Will the past always be viewed as  simpler, better time?
8.  Do you think most people feel stuck?  Trapped?  Are most people happy, sad?  Disillusioned?  Disappointed?
9. Is what we see ever true?  Do we ever really know somebody?
10. If it is true that we are on borrowed time and moving toward the inevitable, then how should we live?


  1. 5 Critical Questions:
    1. Why do people with a lot of money think its okay to waste?
    2. How have morals changed over time?
    3. Do you think its okay to be irresponsible with money, time and feelings?
    4. What would you do if you were in Nick's position?
    5. Why do some people have hope and others do not?

    Prompt Response:
    The Great Gatsby has been around and read for over ninety years because Fitzgerald speaks to you on a very real and personal, without being too direct, level. Fitzgerald had his book end in a realistic ending, not a fairy tail which doesn't always happen; he had Gatsby die, Nick disliked everyone else, Tom got his way (except for with Myrtle), and we saw how bad of a person Daisy actually turned out to be (even if she wasn't, she still let Tom control her). Also, Fitzgerald incorporated the '20s into his book showing how different that decade was from every other one so far. Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" is one of the best novels of all time because of those facts, along with the fact that Gatsby had so much hope, ever since he was a young boy; this shows that Fitzgerald believed hope can help people accomplish anything they want. That is why "The Great Gatsby" is an incredible novel.

    1. 5. I think that everyone has hope, but because hopes are dashed so often, some people keep their hope buried deep inside themselves so it seems that they have lost all hope. The people who seem hopeful have probably not had their hopes dashed, or if they have, then they learned to how to hold on to their hope even when someone tries to take it away. The day when people have absolutely no hope is the day that civilization will fall apart. Hope is the foundation for everything and the thing that motivates people to continue on and build the future.

  2. 5 Questions:
    1) How does hope keep us going in daily life?
    2) Why is money so important to some people's lives?
    3) Have some lost their morality to materialism? Why?
    4) How does hope and dreams change throughout our life?
    5) Is it okay to make mistakes if you make up for them?

    The Great Gatsby has been around and read for almost a century, not because it was a graded assignment but because it indirectly speaks to so many in so many different ways. For instance, at the very end of the book, it says "... And one fine morning-". What does that mean? It could mean that every morning is a new beginning, but it could also mean every morning could be your last, so make each day the best it can be. The list can go on forever, which is exactly what Fitzgerald intended, ultimately giving this book a top mark through all this time. Also, Gatsby puts his whole life into his works. The "Golden Girl" who he met and couldn't marry because of money was represented by many characters, like Daisy and Myrtle. His hatred for the rich represented by Nick and his likeness for the rich as well shown by Gatsby. His passion for his work is always evident, throughout any of his works. That is why "The Great Gatsby" is such a good novel.

    1. 2) Money is so important in most people's lives because not only does it make them live a more comfortable life, but it also creates a more impressive image around them. Obviously, it is well known that having more money makes it a lot easier to live, creating less things to worry about. But it also creates an image about somebody that can help to create relationships as we see in Gatsby's life, when he becomes rich just for Daisy's love. These images are not always positive ones though, as people can be quick to judge when it comes to a very wealthy person that lives an almost, "cocky", life.

    2. 1) Hope doesn't come easily to all of us, hope is a choice. But hope is what keeps us going, it is what drives us to reach for our dreams. Hope is finding something inside of you that believes something amazing is possible even though the circumstances may not be on your side. Hope is positivity in doubt. Hope is the light in a tunnel of darkness. If we had no hope there would be no reason to wake up every morning and do what we love. Without hope the world would be a dark and depressing world.

  3. Questions:
    1) Is it good to go through challenges? Does it truly make us stronger?
    2) Is it good to have a dream?
    3) Is it possible to have more than one dream?
    4) How do the past and future compare to each other?
    5) How is our motivation affected after failure?

    The Great Gatsby is considered one of the greatest novels of all time because of it's ability to make the readers connect on a personal level and to inspire them and create a positive impact on their lives and futures. Fitzgerald does a great job of also revealing truths throughout, such as the fact that in the end, your dreams will not always come true and they can definitely be heartbreaking. It is good for people to realize this but this should not stop people from following their heart. I also think that Fitzgerald is trying to emphasize how important relationships are in people's lives, and how they can truly make or break someone's attitude. Keeping healthy, positive relationships puts the person in a stable life with nothing to worry about, rather than characters like Tom who has to worry about Daisy finding out about his relationship with Myrtle. Fitzgerald also hides personalities and qualities extremely well throughout the book, teaching readers that there will always be surprises through hiding Gatsby's true personality, which helps readers to understand that everyone will keep secrets and they should always expect the unexpected.

    1. 2) It is good to have a dream because that will help you set goals for yourself and maybe even help you plan out your future. Also, dreams are good to have because they give people hope for themselves, and that's good to have to keep you going through hard times.

    2. 3. I think it is definitely possible to have more than one dream and we should. We as humans have dreams so that we can set goals to then achieve those dreams we want. There is no one dream that we can have in life that affects every aspect of our life. We need to have multiple dreams to become who we want to be. Also as we grow older our dreams change along with who we want to be, so we need to make new dreams once again.

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  5. 1. What motivates us in life?
    2.Does where you come from in life affect your future?
    3. Does money over power our lives?
    4. Are all our dreams achievable?
    5. Will we always be looking back in the past wishing we could do something better?

    The great Gatsby is considered one of the greatest books of all time because it’s considered the american Dream that everyone at the time wanted so bad. Even today people are striving to achieve that American Dream. It’s a story about if you work hard enough in life you will get to where you want to be and have achieved your dream. This book is also a tragedy because along with dreams also come tragedies. There is a fine line between achieving your dreams and pushing so hard in life that you will stop at nothing to get what you want. The great Gatsby also shows how money can corrupt our lives and control our lives. This book on many levels can be related to with money, relationships, dreams, and the idea of wanting social status.

    1. I believe that a lot of our dreams are not achievable, that's why they are called dreams. I believe that if we try hard enough in life then we can accomplish our dreams. But the reality is that majority of people are lazy and don't want to put forth the effort. Also, a lot of our dreams are unrealistic I think that is in our human nature to want things that are untenable. Even if you do/receive some of your dreams, it is defiantly impossible to achieve all of your dreams. Because they keep growing and growing as time fluctuates.

  6. Questions:
    1.Stephen Chbosky wrote in The Perks Of Being A Wall flower, "We accept the love we think we deserve," why do you think humans do this?
    2.Do false expectations control how we live our lives and why?
    3. Is the past really better than the past or do our memories just make it seem so?
    4. Why is hope so easily lost.
    5.Do we ever truly know ourselves? If not, how would we be able to know the true self of others?

    The Great Gatsby is considered to be one of the greatest novels ever because it shows the ugliness and truth of the world in a very poetic, beautiful, understandable way. In just reading the book and not analyzing it, the underlying themes about wealth and its ugliness are clear, but it does not seem to be just another commentary on the corruptness of the rich. It is just a story of a middle class man and the rich people he has encountered. The Great Gatsby is a slice of life in the early nineteen hundreds whose themes of struggling for love, wanting the past, broken relationships, and partying apply to every generation and any time period. Fitzgerald shows the ugly beast behind the mask of the 'roaring 20's'. The book is quite grim but humans are very attracted to grim, violent things. That is why the news airs tragedies, horror movies are made, and murder mystery novels are best sellers. I think that people are drawn in by the dark beauty of the novel and its author.

    1. Hope is lost easily because we are surrounded by so many negative things in our lives. We all face harsh realities in our life that may shatter our hopes for our lives, most people when they are faced with hardship crater and aren't able to find a way to solve it, this is why hope is lost. The people who are able to weather the hardships and still move on with their lives are the ones who will be successful.

  7. Questions:
    1. Do people view you differently than you view yourself?
    2. Do your beginning's affect how motivated you are to move ahead in life?
    3. How does money motivate people to work hard in life?
    4. Does everyone have a different amount of hope that they have for their life?
    5. Are people motivated by the idea of having a lasting legacy when they die?

    Throughout the book Gatsby shows an extraordinary amount of hope, he hopes to win over Daisy after five years apart, he hopes to wow everyone with his elaborate parties, and he hopes that by showing Daisy his wealth she will leave Tom to be with him. He never considers the idea that Daisy might not run back to him, he is certain that if he gives Daisy time she will realize that she needs to leave Tom for him. This novel also represents the 20's because all the characters seem so carefree on the outside but on the inside they are empty, sinful beings driven by the pursuit of wealth. This novel is still relevant today because there are still people who are caught up in the pursuit if money.

    1. I think that people will view you differently than how you view yourself. Everyone always says that you are your toughest critic. I think that is spot on. You are always going to judge yourself on things you do. Whatever you do will never be good enough to you, but to others they will love it.

    2. Money is a big motivator in many peoples lives. It gives us false ideas that by making or earning a lot of money we will be able to do what we truly dream of doing. It constantly causes people to work hard for what they think they want. It also gives people a shadow to hide behind. Earning money allows people to hide from the truths that they don't want to hear. Money creates a lie in some people's life that they chase to hide behind.

    3. I think a lot of people are definitly motivated by the idea of leaving a lasting legacy. There are so many people who just want to be famous, they want everyone to know their name. I think this is because it gives a sense of higher purpose to those people. Humans don't really function properly unless they feel like they have some sort of a purpose, and leaving behind a legacy can seem like a great purpose to some. It kind of makes one immortal, after death they live on through their legacy.

  8. Questions:
    1. What determines success?
    2. Why do people live for money?
    3. Are expectations a bad thing to have?
    4. Why are human never satisfied with what's infront of them?
    5. Why do humans want what they can't have?
    The Great Gatsby is such a great book because it is relable. I think in some way, shape, or form we are all like Gatsby. We either put on a mask, do crazy things, or try to make the impossible possible. Every charecter except for Nick put on some sort of mask. In the book you saw multipule ways of how people tried to be someone they're not. Myrtle was trying to climb the social lader, Gatsby put on a whole show about how he is wealthy, and Daisy lives with a whom she doesn't love. Gatsby was the craziest one out of the whole book. He spent his whole life trying to becomme a 'better' person. Now, most of us don't spend three years making money for someone to fall in love with you, but sometimes we do irrational things because in the moment it seems like a good idea. Again, Gatsby started from the bottom and grew up to the top of the socail lader. He made Daisy love him again. Gatsby had the motivation to work hard to reach his dream. I hope that we all try and reach out dreams. This novel is something that almost everyone can realte to and that's why it is still a relevant book.

    1. Expectations can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Expectations are the motivation for people to do great things. If a person expects great things, they will try for those things, and will achieve greatness to some level, even if it is not to the level that they would have liked. However, expectations can also be a bad thing because if your expectations are too high, than a person won't be able to achieve them, which only leads to disappointment. Expectations can be both a motivator and a disappointment.

    2. Expectations influence a lot of what happens in are lives they decide how hard we want to work for something were we are supposed to end up in life. They give us something to strive for. But expectations can also be a burden like if you are unable to achieve them they can do more harm than good. overall expectations can be something that drives us to do better and a reminder of how we didn't make it.

  9. 1) How does living for false hope consequently cause us to act?
    2) How do our impressions of other people’s lives cause us to live our own?
    3) What can we learn from not achieving our hopes and dreams?
    4) Where do you find inspiration when you search unfulfilling things?
    5) What can we take away from the success of other people’s lives?

    The writer F. Scott Fitzgerald is able to connect to readers and reveal truths in their own lives. This is why The Great Gatsby is considered one of the best novels of all time. He reveals truths on a different level through his characters. He shows us that attaining wealth can cause people to be very empty and shallow. He shows us about the superficial lives people can live by hiding from what scares them most. People are so often scared to take risks in the world that we live in. They live their lives thinking shallow thoughts and carrying out empty actions. When he reveals all of these truths to the reader it also shines a new light on hope. Fitzgerald shows us that it is our hopes and dreams that keep us going and the risks we take are the things that push us one step closer to achieving those dreams. Even if our hopes and dreams are unachievable I believe if we chase them for the right reasons it inspires us to push ourselves to reach fulfillment and enrichment.

    1. 3.)
      We can learn how to avoid failure again and find greater success. Not achieving our dreams will give us more motivation. No one likes to fail, it doesn't give one a sense of happiness, but it prepares one for the next step of their goal. We can re-evaluate our goals in need be and come back with a stronger attempt. Failure gives us a reason to do things. Winning all of the time at everything would get boring. Failure pushes us on when confidence won't.


  10. Critical Questions:

    If you believe something with all of your heart, is it really a lie?
    How does hope make life amazing and crappy at the same time?
    Do dreams make you live happier lifestyles?
    Is it possible to repeat the past like Gatsby said?
    Do we have unreal expectations of the world?
    Are humans born with the idea that only good things should happen to us?

    The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered to be the greatest novel of all time, because it is realistic and portrays relatable messages. In the book The Great Gatsby, Every character is realistic and original. Reading through the book I can tell that each character was well thought out and very organic. Fitzgerald had incredible talent because he wrote the truth; The nice guy never gets the girl, money always talks louder than words and actions, and there is always the “outsider” just observing the type of monsters we can become. Also I was very impressed because Gatsby’s death was very simple and realistic. But what really is important is that The Great Gatsby is just packed with creative innuendos and countless numbers of relatable messages. As a reader you are able to abjure different messages. Making the book very easy to dispute about. To conclude, I totally agree with the statement “The Great Gatsby is considered to be the greatest novel of all time” because every single person that reads it can conjure different opinions on what Fitzgerald is telling us. We are all affected in different ways reading The Great Gatsby.

    1. I think the dreams set a goal or goals in your life and no matter how hard you try it isn't always going to be the way you wanted it to be. On the other hand, if you accomplish that dream, there are going to be consequences or even maybe give up something instead.

  11. Questions:
    1) Is remaining hopeful when all hope is lost, admirable or foolish?
    2) Is it possible to be truly in love with two people at the same time?
    3) Can a person live out a dream the exact way they imagined it?
    4) What makes a person successful?
    5) Is it better to have big dreams and constantly be disappointed or not expect a lot and constantly be surprised?

    The aspects that make this book endure, is not only the content that it contains, but how this content is portrayed to the reader through the way that Fitzgerald writes. Fitzgerald has a very clear message that he is trying to give the reader, but the way he writes, he gives the reader room to interpret this message in their own way through things such as symbolism and metaphors. An example of this is in the first and last chapter when Fitzgerald uses the green light as a symbol for Gatsby and the reader must do close reading in order to interpret this object and find out what is symbolizes to them. Furthermore, another reason why this book is one of the greatest novel of all times, is because Fitzgerald own opinions are seen in this novel
    which makes the reader not only enjoy the novel, but makes them think about their own life and how they are living it. An example of this is at the end of the book when nobody but three people show up to Gatsby's funeral, it really shows Fitzgerald's personal opinions about the wealthy, and makes the reader think about their life and the relationships they have. Altogether, The Great Gatsby is one of the greatest novels of all time that has endured through the ages because of the interpretation that is left to the reader, and how the book connects to the reader on a real level.

    1. Having big dreams and being disappointed can lead to many successes. I believe that depending on the type of person you are, failure can create a drive to do better the next time. Most people would want to better themselves and get one step closer to their dreams. To live a life not dreaming there is no drive to keep going. Life wouldn't be worth living if we didn't have things to work for. After doing something we look forward to the next "big" event. It creates a drive to live. We wouldn't be surprised if we didn't expect much because we wouldn't be given those opportunities.

  12. 1.Are we born hopeful?
    2.Should we admire those who hope for hopeless things?
    3.Do we have one true love?
    4.Can we achieve things higher than our purpose?
    5.Do we pretend to be other people to escape our reality?

    Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, endures due to the fact that we can all relate to some part of it. We are greedy and we want to achieve things that aren’t attenable. We make silly bucket lists and wish for them all to come true. The truth is, is that we don’t have enough time/money to achieve these things. Gatsby wants to relive the past and get Daisy back. When Nick says we can’t relive the past, Gatsby replies with “of course we can”. As readers we relate to the fact that we all have hopes and dreams. Just like Gatsby we want what we want, no matter how difficult it may be to achieve. We connect with him, even if we don’t appreciate his character. We are drawn to people who believe that the very best things will happen to them. We pity them, but at the same time we seem to admire them. Not only do we connect to the idea of hope that Gatsby represents, we connect to the truths being told about society. We see the underlining of how people deal with things and what they will do to get what they want. Money and sex are the main desires in our society and we all know that we don’t need that in our lives. Our hearts want to be loved and we are distracted by material goods and harmful relationships. The book has it all, that's why it is one of the greats.

    1. 1) Yes I think that everyone is born hopeful because when we were younger we had hopes and dreams of all different kinds and we were taught at a young age that if we believed in something we could make it come true. It was not until we grew older that we started to realize to harsh realities of life. This is when people begin to see their dreams as not achievable and begin to lose hope that what they once wanted more than anything can now barley be reached. It's sad to think about but in some way true, the older we get the less hopeful we become

  13. 1) What inspires us to be hopeful?
    2) What happens when we can't reach our dreams?
    3) Is love worth it?
    4) Can we live as someone who we do not know?
    5) At what point are our dreams behind us?

    I think that the reason why The Great Gatsby is considered one of the greatest books of all time is because of the fact that every reader can relate to one of the characters in some way shape or form. Each characters has a dream, yet neither of them seem to be able to fulfill their dream. For example Gatsby's only dream in life was to win over the heart of the women he fell in love with five years ago. I think that it is somewhat inspiring to look at all that Gatsby did to try and win Daisy's heart, the huge glamorous parties that he threw every weekend in hopes that she will come walking in one day. Some people may think that Jay Gatsby only had the parties because he wanted to show off his money and how rich he is but in reality he did not care for his parties because in his mind Daisy was all he wanted. I think this "love story" is what intrigues people to read the book it's not a classic love story but it is a real one. It shows the true struggles of true love and how money and high status play a role in it.

  14. Questions:
    1. Why do we all have different definitions of success?
    2. Is it bad to set a goal you cannot achieve?
    3. Do people care more about how they are perceived now or after they have died?
    4. Is passion and desire a blessing or curse?
    5. Why do the good die young?


    The Great Gatsby has pleased and piqued the interest of the public for 90 years because of it's tragic applicability to modern life. Readers want to know how life was lived in the roaring 20's. The American dream, coupled with the fast paced, chaotic, careless life of the wealthy appeals to the majority of "lower class" Americans. Throughout the book, Fitzgerald makes many comments on marriage, women, and the wealthy. People are attracted to tragedies, just take a look at the news. The rise and fall of Gatsby and his 'love' Daisy shows how unfair life is, even for the privileged. Women are portrayed as greedy, unknowing, dishonest beings that fuel desire and the downfall of men. The wealthy are an inept group of people that hold no regard for their actions. 99% of the population does not get to experience this "luxury" and so it interests them. It helps them dream about what they could be, while also reminding them of how fast they could fall. inside, humans are barbarians, not intelligent mindful individuals. We will do what we can to get what we want, even if it gets people killed. The Great Gatsby lets the reader interact with every class in society, and determine which is the most desirable. And as with any modern novel, the ending is left to opinion, another power to the reader.

    1. I think setting goals in necessary for success in anything. So setting ones we cant achieve is okay because even if we don't reach the goal, we still improve. For example, with Gatsby, his foal was Daisy, and even though he didn't get her, he still ended up a billionaire with a gorgeous house and a great friend in Nick.

  15. 1. Is it good to have relationships?
    2. Do these relationships we have help or hurt us?
    3. How do the relationships we have affect who we become?
    4. Are all relationships real?
    5. to people choose who they want relationships based on who they are or on what they have?

    The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered to be one of the best and most iconic and enduring novels ever written. This book is full of interesting characters and personalities that every reader connects to in his or her own way. In the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald has a message that is seen at the end of the book talking about how not all relationships are true. You can not always rely on people because they don't care what happens to you and may care more about your money or what you can do for them. But even though some relationships are deceptive and untrue, a big part of people's lives are shaped by the relationships that they have during their lives. This can affect people in multiple ways. For instance, with Gatsby, he threw tons of huge parties where hundreds of people would come without even knowing Gatsby. But when he died only three people showed up to his funeral. This showed that not everyone that is a part of you're life is worth holding on to. I think Fitzgerald does an amazing job of making you think that all these people cared and loved Gatsby for who he was but they really just loved his money and his endless parties. Overall this shows that not all relationships may last forever but we search and hope to find true love. No matter when this book was written, we can all relate to Gatsby and the people in this book. This is what makes The Great Gatsby a classic.

  16. Questions:
    1) Is it good to have hope or will it just leave them crushed in the end?
    2) What do people use to cover up who they really are?
    3) Why do we choose temporary bliss over a lasting joy?
    4) If everyone has an inherent desire for love, then why do we hurt the ones we love?
    5) Is it possible to feel fulfilled in life or will we always have desires?

    The Great Gatsby is one of the greatest books of all time because it is a piece of literature that revealed the harsh truth about life. It broke the barriers of literature, instead of being a happy love story or fairy tail it told a real story. Fitzgerald knew how to intrigue a reader and get them to think beyond surface level. In a time of selfish, shallow, societal norms Fitzgerald brought something deeper to the table. He showed that The American Dream is not as it seems. He showed the dark truth behind wealth, relationships, and success. This novel will endure because no matter the year there are so many stories to be told within this book that can relate to everyone. Fitzgerald revealed so much about human nature and his ideas still apply today.


  17. What takes someone to get fully satisfied with everything in their life and is it possible?

    Does true love exist?

    Are there barriers to everything that someone desires to obtain or accomplish?

    Is everyone two-faced?

    Are human beings trustworthy?

    The Great Gatsby is one of the greatest books out there and considered to be majority’s favorite. There are so many things one can get out of this book and has a great message. The author puts himself out there to let others know that this is the kind of life he was living and decades later we learn about how things were back in the day and what other kinds of hardships Americans went through in the romanticism era. Also it lets the readers go through the process of achieving the American Dream and the consequences of it. It is a book that anyone could relate to in different ways, when it comes to the dream that an individual is trying to achieve and that it isn’t always going to turn out the way they wanted it to.

  18. Why is money a motivator?
    How does money corrupt?
    Why do we fear loved ones?
    Why do we run from happiness?
    Is love the strongest motivator>?

    The Great Gatsby is one of the best novels of the century. It is one of the truest pieces ever written. Although the story is secondary to the ages it has still endured through time. And that is because of what the book is really about. It is a truth about human nature, greed, love, lust, money, power, wealth, appearance, deception, jealousy, and rage. It is easily connectable throughout time. It is easy to see how it has endured for so long.

  19. What defined each character?
    What was each character's purpose?
    What motivated each character?
    What motivated Gatsby was it good or bad? Did it help him become the man he ended up being
    Was there ever hope reveal?

    I liked this book because I thought it was very realistic to our generation and the generation of the past. I think it s shows us as a society how we are portrayed. I think each character represented a different part of the culture and I think think people could find at least one person in this story they could connect with or relate to. I also liked how there wasn’t really a happy ending, it makes you question the book and the characters and their motives.

  20. Why do many feel as though they cannot make their dreams a reality?
    Why is love such a confusing an unknown thing to many?
    Is beauty perceived as love?
    Can we ever overcome judgement from other people's eyes?
    What does it take to go above and beyond in this world today?

    Fitzgerald novel, the Great Gatsby speaks to me on a deep level. There is such power in this book through love and dreams it's hard for it not to speak to you. His perception of love spoke to me because I love the idea of love it is something beyond our understandings in this world. We can't explain it nor find an exact solution for why we love. Its just in our blood. Although the idea of love in this book is twisted I found Gatsby's persistence for love amazing. He never quit on Daisy. To me this is beautiful. Dreams not necessarily spoke to me but opened my eyes to this cruel world. I feel that dreams dont always have to be dreams, they can become a reality. It is up to us to make our dreams a reality though. Some may be to extreme but that should make you give up on them. The sky is our limit, it is up to us in order to go higher. This is one of the greatest novels of all time because Fitzgerald hits on these ideals. He shows us what love does to a person and how many it affects. He also showed us that you can not relive the past. Not everything will be the exact same. People's vulnerability will no longer be there when recreating the past. We know too much. All we have to do is go further and live out the pre

  21. What becomes of us if we loose our purpose?
    Why does it seem so impossible for us as humans to ever be satisfied?
    Is it possible for anyone to actually achieve genuine happines, why/why not?
    Should we dumb down the expectations we have for our lives, why/why not?
    What is it about physical things that seem to entrance us so deeply?

    The Great Gatsby is still considered to be a great book today because it really makes the readers think. Fitzgerald made this book different because its not the sweet, sugar coated story that everyone is used to. He makes the reader think about the harsh realities of this world through marvelous description, metaphors, and symbolism. The readers consider that world is full of corruption, and some dreams are just too good to be true. As I finished the novel, I was really taken back. The Great Gatsby is not an average, predictable story. It is fascinating and unique. Not only does the story line and message stand out, but so does Fitzgerald's characters. Fitzgerald made characters that the readers can really feel for and fall in love with. The intense romances and conflicts between the characters just pull the readers in. The story of Gatsby leaves an impact, through he way he resiliently dreamed agaisnt the odds, and his tragic end. Fitzgerald created a unique and bittersweet story that has managed to have an impact on many generations.