Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Please answer the following prompts:  Be honest and specific:

1.  What inspires YOU?
2.  How are you staking your identity?
3.  What keeps you from finding that identity or being who you are (or do you even know who that is yet?)


  1. 1) What inspires me on a day to day bases is to achieve my dream of becoming a professional soccer player. In everything I do it's in the back of my mind, and when things get tough that is always something that can get me through the hard times.

    2) I am staking my identity by trying to become like my Grandpa who is nice to everyone and always makes an impression on everybody he meets. Specifically, everybody I meet I am trying to leave a good lasting impression that they will remember me by.

    3) What keeps me from finding my identity is not being outgoing enough. If i want to make a lasting impression on the people that I meet I need to speak up more and not be afraid to just be me around other people.

  2. 1. What inspires me is my goal. My goal is to reach my peak and to be as great as I possibly can. I want to be the best to my ability in my academics so that one day I can reach a pay off.

    2. I am staking my identity when I say that I want to do, what I want to do. In the future I want to have a job that I don't dread going to. I also want to make a decent living so me and my family can enjoy the world and it's beauty. I want to live life to the fullest.

    3. I think what keeps me from my identity is myself. No one directly is telling me what to do, it's how I perceive all of the thoughts and comments of others that change my path. I want to fit in but want to be myself and those two things can get mixed up in the process of finding who you want to be.

  3. 1. What inspires me is people who became who they wanted to be. It tells me that they have worked very hard to achieve their goals and it is something to look up to.

    2. I am staking my identity when I truly be myself to everyone, instead of acting like someone else or someone who I'm not. In the long run, people are going to find out who you really are even if you try to be like someone else so it is better to be yourself from the start than coming out of yourself after a while.

    3. What keeps me from having my own identity is being honest. Some people try to make up or fake some things to fit in or become cooler, but it is pretty obvious when they're being real or not.

  4. 1. What inspires me is the people who I look up to, like my friends and family. When I see them achieve something great or see them be an incredible person it inspires me to be just like them. I strive to be just like the people I look up to.

    2. I am staking my identity when I am with someone that I am truly comfortable with, that way I am 100% myself when around them. People that I am close to bring out my true identity. When I am around people that I am not entirely comfortable with I tend to act like someone I am not.

    3. What keeps me from finding my identity is the pressure to conform and follow all of the rules. I'm not sure I can say I know who I am yet but if I were to discover who I am it would be through having more freedom in my life.

  5. 1. Change inspires me. It shows me that society and I as an individual are not hard and unmoldable, we can reshape and become what ever we want. The idea that I have endless possibilities inspires me to explore and find myself.

    2. I am working on staking my identity by trying to meet new people and being completely myself with them. I think the more that I let others know who I am, the more I will be myself.

    3. I think that fear is the thing that holds me back from finding my identity. I fear being disliked, being alone, and trying new things and I think that all of theses things hold me back from showing others my true nerdy self. If I can't show others my identity than do I truly know my own identity?

  6. 1. What inspires me is improving. Whether it has to do with sports, academics, or just being a better person I feel like it is always important to improve and move forward.

    2. I am staking my identity by being myself, all the time, no matter who is near me. I feel that it is really important to always be yourself and to not act fake. People will like you for who you truly are.

    3. I think that in order to find my true identity, I need to become more confident in myself and in my actions and to not think twice about them. Once my confidence reaches a higher level, I think that I will be able to find out who I truly am.

  7. 1) What inspired me is other people. Some can actually be discouraging but the ones I do find give me a great deal of inspiration. For example I absolutely despise modern day "art" because I find real artistic inspiration by renaissance art such as "Madonna and Child" one of my favorite paintings of all time.

    2) I stake my identity by showing others who I am. Simple as that. For example if someone was to offend me, I'd show them I was offended. But if I were to be complimented, I'm the nicest guy you know. That's how I stake my identity.

    3) What keeps me from finding who I am would be my lack of experience. I haven't had the experience of learning everything. Therefore I really can't have a final opinion on anything. I can't find who I am because I haven't had the experience to find that out fully. I can take guesses all day long but I'm not going to find it. I go through every day wanting to find who I am to find out who I am. That's how I live life.

  8. 1. What inspires me is younger children and adults. Adults inspire me because I can see everything they have accomplished in their lives and how much more I can accomplish. Younger kids inspire me because they are often times very happy. They live a very carefree life and are happy most of the time.

    2. I stake my identity by showing what I stand up for. I do not let other people control my choices. I stand up for what I believe in and stay true to myself. I love to have fun and not worry too much about things.

    3. I think what keeps me from being who I am is sticking to what I believe in constantly and always keeping myself away from being influenced against what I believe in.

  9. 1. What inspires me is my dreams. My dreams inspire me because some day I would like to be living the dreams that I have and know that I worked my hardest to get there. For example one of my dreams is to go to a college that I really want to go to and that inspires me to do well in school now.

    2. I am staking my identity by doing the things that I want to do and what will help me reach my goals in life. I think that when others just do what they are told they are not being themselves and that is not someone I want to be.

    3. What is keeping me from finding who I am and being myself is that I'm not quite sure I exactly know who that is yet. I believe that I have a pretty good idea of who I want to be, but not being exactly sure keeps me from really knowing if I am right or not.

  10. 1. I am inspired by people who achieve their goals. People who have the motivation and ideas to create their own future based on what they want. People strong enough to strive for what they believe in instead of copying others.

    2. I am staking my identity by following what I believe in. I am going to work towards what I want to achieve and be who I want to be in the future. I will create my own path instead of following others. Another way I am creating my identity is being who I am all of the time. A lot of people change around friends or family and do things they normally wouldn't do. I try to be myself no matter who I am with.

    3. What keeps me from being who I am is the lack of an image of myself in the future. I know that I want to be successful, but I still am not sure what I want my career to be. So what impedes me is not knowing who I want to be entirely.

  11. 1) What inspires me is people who fight for what they believe in, strive for their goals, and follow their beliefs. People like that know what they want from life, and I wish to be that way soon.

    2) I am staking my identity when I open up to people. I am cautious and take a while to actually open up myself to people, and then I stake my identity to talk about my life, let my personality show, and just lower my walls.

    3) Fear keeps me from being who I am. I know who I am, but I'm scared of people rejecting me. I want to be me all the time, but I just end up being so quiet around people. I know who I am, I am me. And that is what I love about myself, but I hate that I can't be confident in my work.

  12. 1) What inspires me is the people around me. Friends, family, just people who are supportive in general. People that understand my goals, ambitions and help me strive to reach those. It is really cool to have a great amount of support in my life, it is those people that inspire me to be the best I can be and to never give up, and to never stop achieving.

    2) I stake my identity by surrounding myself with positive people and good vibes. I can be who I am and have fun with being myself. I am never ashamed to do things that I want, and I am strong enough to not fall into peer pressure and other things. I believe I am entirely my own person, and despite authority, others do not have control over me.

    3) Fear of rejection keeps me from being who I am. Even though I am comfortable with who I am, I still do care what others think of me. I want to be the nicest, outgoing person possible. There are times when I can't be. I want to be liked and have a good reputation. Obsessing over things can keep me from reaching goals.

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  14. 1) When I look at the big picture, what really inspires me is happiness. For example, I work hard in school because I know that I won't be happy if I don't do well, and I know that it makes my parents happy. I strive for being happy in the end, and making the people that I love happy.

    2) I guess I stake my identity by being me. I don't really think about my identity, and its different according to different people. My identity is different at school than it is when I'm with my family. I think identity varies based on how the people around you see you. My identity is created by the way I act, and I think perception makes a difference. My true identity is seen by the people who are closest to me because they are the ones that I feel the most comfortable around, they're the only ones that I really throw myself out there to.

    3) I don't entirely know who I am yet, I mean I know who I am mostly, but there's still more for me to learn. Different aspects will keep me from being who I am, but I think it all comes down to certain emotions. Sadness,anger, and fear would keep me from being myself. Anger might make me treat people in ways that I wouldn't otherwise.Fear of rejection could make me clam up and act differently. As a person I try to not let emotions really change me, but sometimes there's no getting around it.

  15. 1. Something that inspires me is New York. It really just inspires me, because the people there vary from the rich to poor, famous not famous, people from the Compton and people who preform on Broadway. It's so diverse it's kind of like it's own country, but it's just a state. I've always thought that once you make it there you can make it anywhere.

    2. I am staking my identity by following my admirations and reminding myself of who I want to be. Sometimes I loose sight of who I think I am in my head and something that reminds me of my dream me.

    3. Something that gets in my way of being who I want to be would be other people. Sometimes I think I want to be a piece of what other people are. It always gets in my way to be what other people are, when I am perfectly happy being me.

  16. 1. Something that inspires me in snowboarding. Snowboarding inspires me to work harder. It inspires me to push my self harder than I have ever pushed my self.

    2. I am staking my identity by trying my best to be nice to everyone. Also, trying to be humble.

    3. Something that gets in my way of being who I want to be is laziness. Because I don't like putting the effort in talking to new people. Also I get really nervous before I present in class.

  17. 1) what inspires me is what i can get out of something. The only time i really want to do something is when I can see what the result will be. For example, when i do homework, i try my hardest because I know that if i do good, it will get me further in life rather than just blowing it off.

    2) I try to be nice to everyone no matter what. I also try to give my all at all i do

    3) it's hard to be nice to everyone. for example, my brother and i fight quite a bit. he can get really annoying but i just have to think of what he is thinking and understand his side of the argument.

  18. 1. What inspires me are other people such as role models that I hear about that do something great with their lives that make themselves proud.

    2. I stake my identity by trying to make others feel positive and surround myself with positive people.

    3. Its hard to always make people feel positive especially after something negative has happened to you but you always have to try and brighten someone's day.

  19. 1. What inspires me is competition, when there is competition it pushes me to be the best.
    2. I stake my identity on being honest with people my biggest pet peeve is when people lie so I try to be as honest as I can with people so that they will hopefully return the favor.
    3. Nothing really stops me from being who I am because I try not to care so much about what people think of me because people are always going to have opinion.

  20. 1. What inspires me is when people are happy. When others become happy because of what I'm doing, it helps me to do more.
    2. I try to stake my identity by being as honest and trustworthy as I can, while helping others through their problems and thinking about what others may want before being selfish about things.
    3. I think what keeps me from being myself is expectations that other people have for me. For instance, football is to always work hard, parents' is keep up the good grades, and all of that. Although I can be myself during those times, I find it hard trying to find time for myself.

  21. 1. What inspires me most is my family, specifically my parents. They always stand behind me in the choices and decisions i make. They constantly encourage me to do my best and strive for success.

    2. How i stake my identity is always being a friend when people need one, and being honest with others.I also stake my identity t=by staying true to myself and never lose sight on who i am and what i stand for.

    3. What keeps me from being who I am is the label society puts on us and the negative people that I am surrounded with at times. It is hard for me to stand up when I am just a small voice among many.